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Top 6 Flower Care Tips - To Make Your Flowers Last Longer

Updated: Sep 24, 2023

Have you experienced the pure joy of receiving or giving flowers as a gift? The art of caring for flowers is a calming ritual that can serve as a form of meditation. Just a few minutes of tending to your blooms each day can rejuvenate your senses. Discover the top 6 flower care tips to keep your flowers fresh and vibrant for a longer vase life.

Fresh Flowers Care Tips

1. Gently unwrap all the packaging as soon as you receive them.

Flowers may experience some degree of dehydration during the delivery process. Therefore, it is important to unwrap them as soon as possible and let them breathe.

2. Wash the vase thoroughly and fill it 1/2 full with room temperature water.

A clean environment can help keep flowers fresh, and since a bouquet contains different types of flowers, keeping it half-full of water is a simpler way to accommodate their different needs.

3. Add the flower food provided in your delivery to the water and stir to mix.

Flower food supplies the necessary nutrients that cut flowers require to continue vital processes like photosynthesis, even after being removed from the plant. So make sure you completely dissolve the food before you add the flowers.

4. Remove any leaves and foliage that will fall below the water line.

To ensure your flowers get enough water and nutrients, it's important to remove excess leaves from the stems. This will also help prevent bacteria growth in the water. Check the water every 1-2 days and remove any dead leaves or petals to keep your flowers looking fresh for longer.

5. Trim 1-2 inches off the stems at a 45 degree diagonal and immediately place them into the water.

This is to ensure the stem ends are clean, unobstructed and with a large surface in contact with water, as the stem is the vital pipe for the flowers on the top. Professionals even do the trimming under the water to minimize the risk of air pockets and allow for immediate water absorption upon cutting.

6. Recut the stems and change the water every 2-3 days, depending on the cleanliness of the water.

Nurturing your flowers with care can lead to longer-lasting blooms. Tending to these natural beauties is a peaceful practice that can serve as a form of meditation. By spending just five minutes with them each day, we can reawaken our senses and feel revitalized.

Bonus tip: Keep the flowers away from direct sunlight, heat sources and ripening fruits.


We hope you love the bouquets as much as we love creating them.

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