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You will receive 12 themed bouquets following special occasions, which will be curated with the freshest flowers throughout the year. We have selected 9 special occasions and left 3 dates for you to choose. The price is 36% off compared to the original price of a single flower bouquet. Order now and surprise yourself or your loved one with fresh seasonal flower bouquets all year round!


*Subscription can be started anytime.

*Pet-friendly option is also available, just let us know.


Size: Around 50cm x 40cm with 20-30 stems.

All Year Round Flower Bouquet Subscription

  • 12 Bouquets to be delivered:

    1. New Year

    2. Chinese New Year

    3. Valentine's Day

    4. Women's Day

    5. Mother's Day

    6. Father's Day

    7. Mid-Autumn

    8. Thanks-Giving

    9. Christmas

    10. Your Day (You can select a specific date to receive the flowers, such as a birthday, anniversary, or any other special occasion.)

    11. Your Day

    12. Your Day

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