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Personalized and tasteful wedding decoration.

Our Collections

Each flower has its own beauty and unique "flowersonality". They bloom naturally and when curated together, their combinations create different vibes that can interact with the environment and individuals. They're an integral part of any space and can uplift the positive energy of their surroundings.

Our Offerings

Flower Girl
"Lovely presentation and very friendly team behind the scenes."

Alexander W.


Shop B (The red one by the stairs), Koon Nam House, 12 Shing Wong Street, Central, Hong Kong

Mon. - Sun. 10:00 am - 8:30 pm

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Wicker tray, cup of coffee with milk, piece of cake, rose flowers, eucalyptus branch, cand

About Us

At Bed of Roses, we offer seasonal flower bouquets, bespoke floral designs, workshops, and event decorations for various occasions. Our aim is to incorporate the living art of flowers into daily life and awaken our senses through the connection with nature in this concrete jungle.


We believe that each flower has its own unique energy and personality, or "flowersonality". They sprout, bloom, wilt, and are reborn, passing on the baton of life in an endless cycle, just like life itself.


In the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong's fast-paced lifestyle, we hope to bring a sense of calm, healing, and connection with ourselves or our loved ones through flowers. At Bed of Roses, we encourage you to embrace the present moment and bloom as you are.


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